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The eMC


The eMC contains up to date, easily accessible information about medicines licensed for use in the UK. It contains:

  • 6,500+ Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs) – the prescribing information for a medicine; and
  • 4,900+ Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) – the leaflet that is found in the medicine pack
  • A rapidly growing directory of Risk Minimisation Materials (RMMs)

The eMC is the most comprehensive online source of its type and is up to date, trustworthy and widely used.

  • SPCs, PILs and RMMs have been approved by the medicines licensing agencies – the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) or the European Medicines Agency (EMA).
  • Pharmaceutical companies update the information quickly once the MHRA or EMA have approved the information.

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With more than 5,000 Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs) and 4,000 Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) , the eMC is the most comprehensive, accessible resource of its type.

It includes 98% of the top 95% of medicines dispensed. This is determined from Prescription Cost Analysis (PCA) data which is provided by the NHS’ Information Centre.

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Up to date

The pharmaceutical companies’ who publish their information on the eMC website, add information about new products or update information about existing products within 10 working days of the regulatory authority approving the information.

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We consult regularly with UK Medicines Information (UKMi), an NHS expert pharmacy service, who use the eMC to answer many of the enquiries about medicines they receive from professionals and the public.

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eMC Data Services

Datapharm provides information from the eMC to other organisations in formats they can use. The following is a list of some of the organisations to whom we provide extracts of our data:

Healthcare information and prescribing or dispensing systems

  • DXS
  • First Data Bank Europe (FDBE)
  • Positive Solutions
  • Truven Health Analytics
  • Dr Evidence

NHS Hospital trusts on CD ROM

Medical search engines and databases

  • BioWisdom
  • NHS Evidence
  • SearchMedica

If you are interested in licensing eMC SPC or PIL data from Datapharm or for more information about eMC Data Services please contact us.

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All the information on the eMC website comes directly from pharmaceutical companies. About 200 pharmaceutical companies subscribe to the eMC and pay Datapharm to publish their information on the eMC website. View the list of pharamaceutical companies who fund the eMC.

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Trusted - recent eMC survey highlights

The eMC makes a valuable contribution to the safe prescribing and use of medicines in the UK.  A broad range of healthcare professionals are frequent users of the eMC and they have told us they rely on it and that they trust the information provided.

The graph below highlights teh high level of trust that healthcare professionals have in the information in the eMC. Thi strust is a valuable asset for all participating pharmaceutical companies.

Healthcare professionals trust the eMC

Emc Trust 2014 Jsml 


The net promoter score results indicate the overall satisfaction level that users have in the eMC. Compared to UK benchmarks, the eMC performs very favourably.

NPS 2014 Graphic Jsml

NPS Benchmarks Jsml

Source : results of a survey of eMC users conducted in Q4 2014. More information is available on request.

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The eMC website was launched in 1999. Since then we have constantly sought feedback from our users and have made changes to make it more comprehensive and easier to find information.

The eMC continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. He are some headline growth metrics for the year to June 2015.


Emc Data Growth 2014 2015 V3


In 2014, the eMC was redesigned, improving the search capability and look and feel of the website. We also started to publish Risk Minimisation Materials (RMMs) on the eMC alongside the SPC and PIL.

In 2015 the eMC mobile website was upgraded to make RMMs available on mobile devices and a number of performance improvements were implemented.

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